My Story

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Welcome to my ABBA story. Here I have tried to put some words on it as ABBA and their music has meant to me. What I saw ABBA fan and ABBA have helped to give me pleasure. Enjoy.

But I’ve made my website about ABBA, I have thought much about why I was ABBA fan? I know that the website is most of my collection of records, CDs, books, magazine and more. It was also the final I would tell my homepage. Of course, also want to say thanks for the many unforgettable experiences I have had with their music. For many things are written a little story, and I know it is hard to come all the way round. It has gone up for me that there are so many incredible things that have accused me by ABBA. I know there is written a lot about them. Much of what I do not want to deal with because I think it is totally irrelevant, compared the image I have of the people behind ABBA, their music and how they are working on. I respect them very much for what they have done.
Over recent years I have also met many ABBA fans from many other countries, and can clearly see the difference in how you interpret the things. I am probably naive, certainly a Dane and a large heart for the Scandinavian. I would also probably interpret, and it is not more true than truth. Know always that? So to make things more difficult, so I decided to write what I remember, as I remember, with a little help from the diaries. However, I have tried taking issue facts, keep to the official.